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Friday, August 28, 2015



(click on image above for full view)
I used PSP X5 (though any version will do)
PTU Scrap Kit - Bearly Spring - HERE
Name Font Used - Findley Condensed - PTU so
use any font of choice.
Mask by me - HERE
Plug In Filters Used
Mura Meister Copies - HERE 
Xero - Porcelain - HERE
 Garbage Collection -Penta - Jeans -HERE 

The tube I used - ©Verymany (called Violette) - Which can be purchased HERE
You must purchase a license to be able to use their work.

 This tutorial was written on 4.18.14 by Dee
Any similarities is completely coincidental  

This is written for an intermediate tagger.
*For this tutorial C/P means Edit, copy element or paper and paste as a new layer.
*Also when I suggest clicking on a layer first before you C/P its for placement purposes.
*D/S - Effects, 3 D effects, Drop Shadow then put in the settings I post in the brackets.

 Before we begin lets recolor our tube.
Open tube, close out all layers except layers
Flowers2, top1, shorts1, girl.
On Flowers 2 layer go to  Adjust - Hue and Saturation - Hue Map
and  apply these settings
 Now go to Adjust - Brightness and Contrast - Fill Light Clarity and apply with this setting
 Now click on top 1 layer and go to Adjust - Hue and Saturation - Hue Map
and  apply these settings
 Now click on shorts 1 layer and go to
Adjust - Hue and Saturation - Hue Map
and  apply these settings
 Merge visible, copy and paste as new image.
Remember when closing your psd file of the tube to click NO for changes.
Now lets save that tube to your desktop before we resize it as you will need it large as well for the closeup. So file save as VM.png (Don't forget to choose .png format in the lil drop down box)
Now lets make the flowered frame.
Create new image - 1200 by 1200 72 dpi
C/P Element 29 from kit - resize 40% 
Effects - PlugIns - MuraMeister - Copies and apply with these settings
Duplicate layer, go to Image - Flip Horizontal.
C/P Frame 5. (Drag to top layer)
C/P Paper 9 (Drag to bottom layer)
Should look like this.
(click on image above for full view)

Now click on your top layer (frame) and using your magic wand tool
with these settings click on the inside of the frame- you will see marching dots.. 

Go to Selections- Modify - Expand and put in 2 and click ok.
Now click on both flower frame layers , one at a time, each time hitting the delete button on your computer. Now click on the bottom background layer, Go to Selections- Invert and now hit your delete key. Then go to Selections - Select none.
Now your work space should look like this.
(click on image above for full view)
Go to Image - Resize - 85% and make sure the bottom all layers box is checked.

Now lets add our close up tube and main tube.
C/P your tube
Duplicate it. The top tube resize it 53%
The bottom tube layer drag to just above your circle background layer. 
Image- Flip Horizontal.
Position it like this.
Click on your bottom layer ( frame background layer)
Go to Select All- Select Float - Select -Invert - now click on your  close up tube layer and hit your delete button then go to Select - Select None
Now duplicate your close up tube layer.
On the bottom layer set the blend mode to Luminance (L)- 100% opacity
on the top close up tube layer set the blend mode to screen -100% opacity
For those that do not know where to do this here is a close up.
(Its at the top of your layers click where it says normal to change)
Now on your bottom close up tube layer, right click, merge down. Go to top close up tube layer, right click merge down.
Now go to Effects - Plugins- Xero-Porcelain and apply with 
these settings.

(click on image above for full view)
Now go to Effects - Plugins- Penta-Jeans and apply with 
these settings.
 (click on image above for full view)

Click on your Frame layer, apply D/S -black- (6,4,30,7.) Like this:

Add a large D/S to your main tube (8,6,30,10)

 Now lets add some elements.
Click on your top layer. C/P Element 25, duplicate, flip one Vertically
and place them along the frame. Add D/S (5,3,30,5) These are the settings I used for d/s for all elements.
C/P the rest of these elements and resize accordingly. 
Look at my tag for placement and don't forget your D/S's!

Element-1 resized -75%, duplicate
 On one go to Image -Free Rotate and rotate left 90 degrees 
(make sure all layers is not checked)

 Element 2b-resize -52%
 Element 3- resize -52%
Element 5 -resize -52%
Element 9 -resize -52%
 Element 18 -resize -35% (duplicate, flip horizontal)
Element 19 -resize -52%
Element 31 -resize -100% flip horizontal
Element 33 -resize -40% 
 Element 34 -resize -52%  (flip horizontal)
 Element 44 -resize -52%
Element 45 -resize 85% Rotate 25 degrees right
Element 46 -resize -50%
Element 48 -resize -25% adjust sharpen (applied in several places)
 Element 52 -resize -25%, duplicate, flip horizontal, adjust sharpen.

Once your tag is done and all your d/s's are in place, merge visible, adjust sharpen if you choose. Go to Image - canvas size and apply these settings.

Make sure you click on the center arrow.
Now apply your copyright info and text layer.
C/P Paper 10. make sure its  below your tag layer.
Open your mask, minimize it . Back on your image ( green background layer)
 Go to layers, New Mask Layers, From Image, in the source window find the mask, have source luminance checked and click ok. In your layers window  you will see 3 layers of the mask, go to top one of those 3, right click, merge group. If you need to align the mask, just go to pick tool and using the lil arrows stretch it to where you want it.

 *One thing I like to do before I save as either a .png or jpg is, using my selection tool, trace out a box just inside your work edge, then Go to Image - crop to selection. This will get rid of any extra shadows or papers that may be unnoticeable until afterwards.

Now to save this as a transparent image, merge visible and in the Save As box, change the setting to .png format.
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, any questions just email me at
I would love to see your results!! xoxo


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